TYPSA de C.V. is a Salvadorian company, leader in the plastic industry, with over 50 years of experience in the production of PVC compounds and extrusion products.

Recognized for the excellent quality of our products, we are leaders in the domestic market and we have a large presence in the Central American market, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Laboratory equipment and highly technological personnel, who are supported by the ASTM standards, offer our clients technical advice in their production processes as well as in the development and application of formulations and specialty products.

TYPSA, who aspires to be a world class company, began a process of continuous improvement and then decided to work to achieve certification under the Quality Standard ISO 9001-2000, which was issued by the company ATR of Mexico, in 2009 and since then has remained certified.

Throughout TYPSA’s trajectory, we have invested in high tech equipment to increase production of extruded plastic products and quality PVC Compounds that guarantee our customers an excellent product and good service. We also have an enthusiastic, trained and committed team, which gives life to our company motto: "THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY "; this commits us daily to improve our manufacturing processes, products and services, with the aim of contributing to economic development in El Salvador.




  PBX: 2510-2100  / TEL: 2278-1155 / FAX: 2278-2151
Calle L-2, Ciudad Merliot, La Libertad, El Salvador, C.A.